Are new-build homes more energy efficient?

20 Apr 2023

Discover the benefits of new-build homes when it comes to energy efficiency.


New-builds and energy efficiency

The cost of energy has been at the forefront of most people’s minds recently. With the cost of gas and electricity at all-time highs, many of us have already cut back on usage, or at the very least become more aware of how much energy we consume.

It is also a big issue for those of us looking to buy a new home. Being aware of what makes a property energy efficient is important when looking to make a purchase. Homes in the UK can vary greatly when it comes to energy usage and over the years, the costs can vary greatly.

These costs are not just in terms of energy bills. Costs to retrofit older buildings with insulation, new heating, or even new windows and doors can be steep. Additionally, there is a large environmental impact from using excess energy to heat a draughty old building.

There are a number of advantages to new-build homes when it comes to energy efficiency.

 Energy efficient new homes

Simply put, the newer the home, the more energy efficient it is. When Georgian and Victorian properties were built, central heating and energy efficiency principles weren’t in use, let alone concepts like sustainability and thermally efficient insulation. However, incremental improvements in material technology and building standards, as well as an increased focus on fuel costs have vastly improved the energy efficiency of homes.

From design through to completion, every Elivia home is built with energy efficiency at the forefront. With fabric first principles used throughout the process, they are constructed to keep the heat in and the cold out. For example, walls contain high performance insulation and windows and doors are always professionally sealed to prevent draughts and heat loss.

We endeavour to use the most innovative heating methods. By fitting your home with modern heating solutions like air source heat pumps and mechanical ventilation with heat recovery, we can lower your fuel bills as well as your carbon footprint. These technologies rely on our thoughtfully considered fabric first design. Without the level of airtightness and high standard of construction that our homes deliver, these innovative solutions would not provide a considerable benefit.

New build energy ratings

When looking for a new home, you may have come across the Energy Performance Certificate, referring to the energy efficiency rating of a property. It contains an approximation of the energy costs of the building as well as any recommendations to improve it. EPC ratings range from A to G - with A being the most efficient.

All Elivia Homes have an EPC rating of at least B which puts all our properties in the top 12% of homes in England and Wales.

Energy costs

While every home is different, the cost of energy in a new-build property is estimated to be on average 60% lower than the cost of an existing building. From July 2023, the annual cost of gas and electricity in a new build house is estimated to be around £1,800, compared to almost £5,000 in an existing home, with existing builds needing over 20,000 kWh per year, and new builds less than 10,000 kWh per year.

So, whilst each household’s energy use is different, the benefits of new builds are crystal clear. Find more detail on the potential savings and energy efficiency benefits from new-build homes by visiting the Home Builders Federation website.