Sustainable Development

At Elivia Homes we understand the importance of sustainable homes for a better future.


By investing in sustainable design, building methods and materials, our homes are constructed in a way that minimises their effect on the environment. We continuously strive to improve the biodiversity and energy efficiency of our schemes to enhance the communities in which we build.

Net Biodiversity Gain

We ensure that every development benefits the local environment, leaving behind a measurably better habitat, supporting biodiversity amongst flora and fauna.

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fabric first

Fabric First

Our approach to sustainable homes is to put the fabric of your home first. By using high quality insulation, with windows and doors installed to exacting air-tightness standards, we ensure the fabric of your home provides a comfortable, stable environment all year round.

Sustainably Sourced Materials

We know the source of raw construction materials can impact the embodied carbon of a home. Our materials are responsibly sourced with chain of custody certifications, and where possible we support local suppliers and trades, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting local economies.

solar panels

Photovoltaic Panels

Renewable energy is a core component of our sustainability agenda, and our developments are examples of generating renewable energy through maximising the application of photovoltaic panels on the roof space of our homes.

Innovative Heating

Lowering energy demand is crucial to a sustainable environment, which is why we choose to use innovative heating solutions such as mechanical ventilation heat recovery, air source heat pumps and wastewater heat recovery. By recycling heat from outgoing sources, or drawing heat out of the air, heating your home is efficient and low demand.

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Timber frame

Timber Frame

We understand the carbon intensity of the construction industry, and know that timber is a versatile, low carbon, and sustainable material. Therefore, wherever possible we choose to build our homes using timber frame construction techniques, delivering a highly quality controlled and low embodied carbon product.